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Our clients range from private individuals, public sector and corporate entities across all sectors.

Hazardous Materials Audits

Our audits are designed to meet the goals of our clients. With the use of our hazardous materials databse we can provide an inventory of all hazardous materials found along with visual and descriptive reports outlining what hazardous material exist and proper methods of removal.

Industrial Hygiene


We monitor the assessment and control of physical, chemical or environmental hazards in the workplace. These hazards if left uncontrolled may cause adverse effects to workers as well as disease or discomfort.

ATP Surface  Testing Services


 APSR utilizes an on-site environmental monitoring device that evaluates ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) surface residue as a marker for evaluating the successful execution of the cleaning process. This protocol is used in the food processing and healthcare industries to determine the effectiveness of cleaning operations. ATP sampling provides rapid, real time results.


Indoor Air Quality

We can customize a monitoring strategy to determine the quality of air as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.


Our employees are trained in proper sampling techniques to identify asbestos within building materials. If asbestos is identified within the building materials, a proper scope of work can be developed to ensure proper removal and air monitoring of the asbestos materials.



All buildings could potentially contain mould & fungus, especially if water infiltration has occurred. Mould only requires 48 hours to grow, given the right conditions.


Fume hood Testing and Certification


APSR provides ASHRAE 110 fume hood performance testing and NEBB certification. Our NEBB accredited testing procedures include face velocity testing, air flow visualization testing, and tracer gas testing, providing the highest standard of testing and compliance certification in Canada.


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